Nathiagali History and Location

Nathiagali History and Location

Pakistan has been blessed with the most dazzling and jaw dropping places on the face of earth. Ranging from mighty Himalayas to the serene beaches of Gwadar; ancient Gandhara civilization of 1000 B.C to the heavenly landscape of Neelum valley in Kashmir. It can be said that nature have built this region with immense care and scrupulous process of evolution. The spots of tourist attraction lie every nook and corner of this beautiful country. Nathiagali is another marvelous piece of nature situated in Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa about two hour drive from the city. The hill station is around 32 km from Muree which make this magnificent landscape only three and half hour drive from the Islamabad.

How to Reach the hill station

Nathiagali History and Location how to reach

There are two ways to reach the hill station mainly from Abbottabad or directly from muree. The road condition and facilities are much better if you come through muree however if you are traveling from Hassan abdal or Peshawar region then the Abbottabad route will suit you more. The road is tough with sharp curves and verical slopes, so care must be taken in selecting the vehicle you will travel from. Do not come by old or less powerful engine vehicle as it can cause you various problems and you may not find much help at the top or all your trip could be ruined.


Nathiagali History and Location

The history of this area goes back to the British raj when it was the part of Abbottabad tehsil of hazara district; a chief commissioner house was built here for the summer where the commissioner of Peshawar division stayed during the summer because of the hot and dry weather in Peshawar. The building served as the summer headquarter that time and various facilities like road and basic communication facilities was provided. Nathia gali and the neighbouring areas ( Dounga gali ) was identified as the special resorts under the Punjab municipalities Act 1981.