Benefits of staying at Summer Retreat Hotel Nathigali

Best thing about Summer Retreat Hotel is that it is away from the busy and noisy road side of Nathiagali to provide a better stay to respectable guests..
Summer Retreat is also known as Vista Wing of Retreat Hotels Nathiagali. It consists of forty rooms with every facility that you need.

Summer Retreat Delicious Meal

The Summer Retreat Hotels offer the best food in the town. It offers delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening tea. You can sit inside dining hall or enjoy your meal open air sitting outside watching the views of Miran Jani peak.

They have really impressive variety of Pakistani, Continental, Chinese and Italian food to offer. On weekends they arrange bonfire and Bar-B-Q outside along with live music some time. This place is expensive but offers the best food for sure! Nathiagali Special Boneless Handi" with fresh Nan. It’s simply the best deal!

Best Place for Adventure lover

If you are a good hiker then you may plan to climb the highest peak of the area. Miranjani peak is around 10,000 above sea level. One clear day you can also see Nanga Parbat - the killer mountain as well as snow covered peaks of Kashmir.

Its tough hike and you need to bring water and food along with you. Make sure to have rain coat and umbrella with you to save yourself from rain on the way.

It would take you 4-5 hours one way. Leave Nathia gali early morning for this track. From Miranjani you should leave back before afternoon as its not safe afterwards. This area has many wild animals including lion. So be careful.

Horse Riding in Nathiagali

If you are sports lover and want to ride horses then Nathiagali is the right choice. You would find many horse-owners almost everywhere in Nathiagali.

You can either option for short routes in Nathiagali or otherwise you have options of longer routes like Miranjani and Mukshpuri peaks. There is a lovely track from governor house to greens spot, you must try it!

There is as such no need for special equipment if you plan riding trips on shorter routes. But if you are planning a horse ride to and from Miranjani & Mukshpuri peaks then riding boots, cap and gloves are recommended.

Wildlife- specifically the Monkeys

Nathia Gali is full of wild monkeys that are very clever. They are not afraid of tourists and often come down to hotels, and bazaar’s looking for food. You cannot miss them!