Retreat Hotels

Retreat Hotels are located at remarkable sites, isolated from the road side babble, perfect resort for your Holidays.
Retreat Hotels are located at remarkable sites, isolated from the road side babble, perfect resort for your Holidays. Green Retreat is merged in dense forests, viewing the foggy mountainous scenes that give you the real essence of nature.It is located at a calm site away from the noisy town’s settlement, alone with the engrossing beauty of nature to make you feel pleasant.We welcome our guests throughout the year to cheer them up with every season of the nature. The hotel is sited around Miranjani Peak, one of the famous tourist attraction points. It is very close to the Miranjani Hiking Trail, to take you up at the Miranjani Peak, the highest peak of Western Himalayan Range. The building is traditionally built with wooden architectural style that makes it beautiful and interactive. It also makes it resistive to external environment, suitable for winter and summer to stay. The hotel offers a comfortable accommodation of forty rooms withvarying sizes each with its own panoramic view.Right outside the hotel a fine-looking lawn with a wonderful view of Miranjani peak, where one can sit to relax and enjoy the fresh air and radiant sun. The Green Retreat restaurant provides you town’s delicious cuisines with variety of Pakistani, Italian, Chinese and Continental foods. The restaurant is famous for its ravishing “Nathiagali Special Boneless Handi” with fresh Tanduri Naan. Having an afternoon tea with Green Retreat offers a pleasant environment and a blazing view of crimson sun-set to make you feel solace and makes your stay memorable with us. Green Retreat also serves as the leisure point for organizing public events like musical concerts, exhibitions and other banqueting facilities, to make your events great. The hotel is featured with large and small conference rooms with elegant and professional stance that provides you an adequate privacy. Summer Retreat, a Vista Wing of Retreat Hotels Nathiagali, located near the highest peak of Galliat Region,away from the road-side babble, nestled within the long pine trees that give breathtaking views with mist swirling around. Barbecue with Summer Retreat on green and grassy garden to entertain your family and friends makes your event special, with live music and traditional bon-fire. Summer Retreat is a newly built hotel, in an enchanting environment, with an accommodation of forty rooms, clean and spacious, in varying size. Each room is unique in its fashion along with separate balcony.The hotel has a beautiful lush green garden to sit and relax with the marvelous beauty and pleasant smell of flowers. The accommodation is highly facilitated, comfortable rooms with attach baths of upgrade amenities, a separate sitting area and also honeymoon suites. The buildings are installed with central heating system that provides you comfortable environment. It also provides TV cable with a list of movie channels and high speed Internet Wi-Fi access. Green Retreat Hotels provide an adequate and secure hotel car park. Quality service is the FUNDAMENTAL factor at Retreat Hotels. The hotel staff is friendly, cooperative and respond to your needs and ensure your absolute satisfaction.