Best Tourist Spots

Best Tourist Spots

The place is full of adventure and beautiful resorts for perfect holidays.

1. Miranjani

Best Tourist Spots Miranjani

The miranjani mountain is a perfect hiking spot. It will take around 2 to 3 hours to reach the top. The way is covered by thick pine trees and lush green mountains. The trek starts from Governor house in nathiagali with the total length of arounf 4.7 km. the trek is moderate in difficulty so all the family members can easily join this adventure. You should however, take enough water along as you may need it during the journey. The shoes should be tough and comfortable enough to support your endeavor. The scenary from the top of the mountain is worth struggling for where you can watch all the Abbottabad region down and some areas of azad Kashmir as well.

2. MukeshPuri

Best Tourist Spots MukeshPuri

Mukeshpuri is another amazing hilltop in the nathiagali region above the doungagali for a great wilderness experience. It remain covered mostly in snow during winter. The hiking track would take almost 2 hours to reach at the top. This mountain is about 2800 m high. The trek start from the doungagali bazar and this is a much easy hiking track as compared to miranjani but in winters it can get slippery and dangerous due to snow.

3. Aybia Chairlift

Best Tourist Spots Aybia Chairlift

Most celebrated tourist spot of nathiagali area is the ayubia chair lift. The high rise lift surrounded by the thick forest and at the elevation where the passenger get marvelous cloudy vision of the whole valley. A great family spot with refreshments and other fun activites at the top. The total length is one and half kilometer and 55 two seater lifts.

4. Ayubia National Park

Best Tourist Spots Ayubia National Park

The national park of ayubia is a perfect tourist destination for enjoying the natural beautry of the forests. A government identified protected national tourist spot is around 32 kilometer square. The place is serene and pleasant in summer for a perfect beak from the daily life to stop and enjoy the bounties of nature.