Amazing Places to Visit in Abbottabad

Abbottabad is facilitated with all the amenities for better living. Planned residential areas for the comfort living, the market areas, restaurants and hotels, leisure points, historical sites and many other tourist attractions.

Abbottabad lies in Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and is one of the fastest commercializing and developing cities of Pakistan. The city is mainly famous for its pleasant climate, not very cold like the Galliat region of Abbottabad District, but quite bearable in summer with moderate days and cold nights. Abbottabad is surrounded by the mountains of Surban, giving it a beautiful look in night, when the lights turn on; it gives a glittering spread in the entire valley.

Abbottabad is facilitated with all the amenities for better living. Planned residential areas for the comfort living, the market areas, restaurants and hotels, leisure points, historical sites and many other tourist attractions. Some of them are given below to explore famous places of Abbottabad.

Visiting the market places, most popular market place includes Jadoon Arcade with two phases, a place to shop, eat-out and leisure. The arcade offers an open market area with latest collection of National and International branded garment stores, some famous cafes and restaurant outlets including Gloria Jeans Coffee, MR.COD, Nawabs Restaurant and independent shops. Another most visited shopping site is Abbottabad City Cantt, where you can find many independent retailers of garments, jewelry, housewares and other domestic needs.

To taste the culinary reputation of Abbottabad, visit Mnak Restaurant Abbottabad, offering a wide variety of freshly cooked food including Pakistani Cultural Delicacies, Chinese and Continental food, Restaurant’s Special delights, snack items, beverages and various desserts with an explosion of mouthwatering flavors. The restaurant is featured with gorgeous interior with a fine dining, as well as an open area to smell the fresh air and to relish the restaurant’s BBQ, with lush green environment and mountainous scenes all around.

Visiting the recreational spots, one should visit Ilyasi mosque, one of the oldest and largest mosque in Abbottabad, built in 1932 at the foot of a mountain. It is spread over an area of 5-Kanals, with unique architecture of large number of minarets, a white colored building and a small ornamental pool in front of it with colorful fishes inside. A mosque receives a cold and fresh water stream coming out from the mountain behind, a source of fresh water to drink and chill, while it’s hot out in summer. The mountain just at its back provides a broad walking trail moving up the hill, from where one can see a marvelous view of entire city. The spot is crowded as a picnic point, offers Pakora stalls, famous for their unique taste along with traditional delicious sauces.

Shimla Hill is the hill of Sherwan range extended to the west of Abbottabad covered with the dense forests of pine trees. It offers the view of the entire valley. One of its famous site is Shimla Hill Park, which is a hill top where one can enjoy the cool breezes of Abbottabad and the entire view of the valley.

Abbottabad Golf Club is one of the beautiful Golf Courses of Pakistan. The Golf Course is overlooked by the mountains of Surban, a spread of lush green fairways and the fresh air brushing the tall Maple trees along the course gives a marvelous view and a real essence of nature to the visitors. The Golf Club has held many national and international matches and is one of the leading Golf Clubs of Pakistan.

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex, a public place to learn and leisure, built in 1993, is one of the best designed buildings with a colossal structure. It consists of a large well-furnished hall for multi-use purposes, performers waiting room, VIP rooms and is capable to seat around 500-700 people. The auditorium has held exhibitions, concerts, public meetings and various events. It is also an official seat to Abbottabad Development Authority and a place to explore Abbasin Arts Council, Public Library, National Book Foundation Center and well equipped Computer Literacy department. Apart from these facilities, an auditorium is also a center to Karate Club.

Exploring the architectural heritage of Abbottabad, one should not miss to visit the Lodge of Civil Surgeon of Hazara, nestled within the long pine trees, constructed in 19th century made from the lime mortar and black stone-craft, bow-bay windows, the sloping roof and a wooden interior. Though the building is considered dangerous and expected to collapse at any time but still is a mark of ancient architecture.

The city is also famous for the old infrastructure of British and Hindu settlements. It includes wide cantonment streets and the wooden architecture of British houses, official buildings and religious places, such as an old St Luke’s Church, an Anglican Church dedicated to St. Luke, now under the dominion of the Peshawar Diocese of Pakistan Church and are one of tourist attraction points. Abbottabad’s main bazaar which was once the settlement of Hindus, still resemble their unique architecture.