Natural beauty of Galiyat and Nathiagali

Nature is at its peak because you are in Galliyat now! View the natural beauty of Galliyat
Pakistan is blessed with everything that one can imagine. It has incredible deserts, marvelous mountains, delightful lakes and enchanting valleys. Among such valleys is Galliyat region located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. It is a picnic spot for Pakistani’s and tourists around the world all around the year. There are various hotels in Galliyat region. Among Galliyat-hotels is Retreat Hotels located in Nathia Gali. Retreat hotels are unique because of their geographical location in Galliyat region i.e NathiaGali and the breathtaking views of NathiaGali. Summer Retreat and Green Retreat are located around ‘Miranjani’ , the highest peak in the region. You can retreat back to Retreat hotels after spending your day in lustful surroundings. You would be compelled to come again due to the memorable experience.