Nathiagali The Land of Paradise

Nathiagali is best tourist resort serves as the administrative centre of Nathiagali Union Council of District Abbottabad, at 2,500 m (8,200 ft).As the summer stretches its fury over the tropicals; tourists from all over the country escape into the drifting clouds getting fascinated by the enchanting beauty of this heavenly resort. People come here in summer months i.e. May to August.

Lush green hills and mountains with wonderful pine trees are the main beauty of this area. The wild life of this area is pretty good. There is no place in this area where you wont find monkeys, horses, butterflies and birds. The area is just brilliant with good hotels and all facilities.
Hiking Track
Nathiagali to Mukshpuri Top is Four kilometer hiking track originating near Shangrila Hotel in Nathiagali passes through thick pines forests and goes to 2800 meters high feet Mushkpuri top. Lalazar Park is on the way situated at one kilometer up the track from Nathiagali.

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