Why People Love Nathiagali?

9 Reasons Why People Love Nathiagali

Nathiagali is beautiful mountain resort, or hill station located in Hazara, Khyber Pakhtunwa has been a favorite hot spot for many Pakistanis during the scorching summer heat. Some have bought houses solely to come here during the summer holidays while others travel to this part of the country to find relaxation amid foggy and cool temperatures.

Another reason why Pakistanis love to visit Nathia Gali is because of its easy access, nearby location to Islamabad and better infrastructure facilities. Here’s a list of why Nathia Gali is truly a favorite place among visitors and what all it has to offer:

1. Green Spot

At the top of the hill, this is a great spot for tourists to enjoy their time out of their hotel/house while enjoying the magnificent view of Nathia Gali and its neighboring areas.

2. Dunga Gali PipeLine Track

This beautiful track comes 3km before Nathia Gali and for nature as well as walk lovers, this track is a great location to unwind in a picturesque scenery and catch up on your daily exercise.

3. Ayubia Chair Lift

Situated just 4km away from Nathia Gali, visitors can walk there from Pipeline track, or go via car to enjoy a chairlift ride. The ride provide great panoramic views of entire Ayubia, Khanaspur and Ayubia National Park.

4. St. Mathews Church, Nathia Gali

This beautiful piece of attraction built during the British rule should not to be missed. It has recently been renovated and carpeted with lush green grass that increases its beauty.

5. Its overall charm and beauty

Arresting at a high altitude, Nathia Gali, is a perfect summer vacation spot for mountain lovers. It’s also a great place for hiking and trekking, all the while enjoying its scenic beauty.

6. Majestic during winters

Mostly it’s not easily accessible during winters, and temperatures drop below minus with lots of snow fall. But even then, this place looks like a magical fairyland from Narnia.

7. Wildlife- specifically the Monkeys

Nathia Gali is full of wild monkeys that are very clever. They are not afraid of tourists and often come down to hotels, and bazaar’s looking for food. You cannot miss them!

8. Horse Riding

Among the many activities, this is a great one offered in this hill station. What’s more hilarious is- these horses sometimes have names from Bollywood movie actors and painted in colors like pink, green, etc.

9. It’s also sometimes called ‘The Foggy City’

One of the most picturesque hill stations in Pakistan, it also gets very foggy with clouds falling very low, exuding a mystifying aura. Perfect place for a picnic and barbecuing with friends and family.