Kalabagh Near Nathia Gali:

Kalabagh, Nathiagali Resorts:
KalaBagh means "Black Garden" in Urdu. Its also the name of another place in Pakistan near Mianwali, Punjab. However, this KalaBagh is a place about 3 km north of Nathia Gali on the Nathia Gali - Abbottabad road. Almost a 10 minute drive from Nathia Gali Bazaar. Its basically an army base, with places of residence for army officers and marshals. However, the place is beautiful without any pollution and a very nice place for walking in the woods peacefully. No hassle or traffic of Nathia Gali. No bazaar or shops here though. The only accommodation in the area is I think the STC Chalets and Cottages.